Why Becoming a Construction Project Manager Could Help Your Career

Having the knowledge and skills of a project manager could benefit your real estate career, no matter which field you are pursuing. Whether you are a real estate broker, a lawyer, an investor, or engineer, understanding and overseeing the building process, as well gaining comprehensive knowledge of the industry itself are invaluable skills that are pertinent to nearly every professional real estate field.

Gaining the requisite knowledge and skill isn’t difficult with the proper training. The Express Real Estate School offers a course on construction project management that will cover the following areas:

Business Structure and Risk Management

The great football coach Vince Lombardi allegedly began each new season with an advanced course in football that went something like this; “This is a football. This is a football field. This is your helmet.” Likewise, the first module of this course covers basics such as; the business entities involved in the construction industry, your responsibilities as project manager, and how to deal with risk management companies and processes.

Plan Design and Contract Administration

As a construction project manager you will be responsible for overseeing the design of the plans and the bidding process, as well as the administration of contracts to those on board. This includes understanding the nature of the work on site, where and how to seek permits, and your duties as manager of a team of employees. Performing in such a position can help you grasp the concept of managerial employment, as well as the relationships between entities that allow for construction.

Accounting and Record Keeping

In most situations, the construction project manager is responsible for estimating projected costs of the completed work, as well as the payment schedule to those involved in the project. Additionally, a manager must keep a vigilant watch on the records and the project budget, ensuring that deadlines are met in a timely manner. Though this may seem intricate, the Express Real Estate School can help you become a proficient and effective manner with an extensive training course.

Onsite Safety

No matter your career field, knowledge of workplace safety is an important concept that can help prevent catastrophic injuries. And of course, with construction being an interactive and labor-intensive industry, this type of management is of the utmost importance. A course from the Brooklyn School of Real Estate can help you understand and master the information necessary for enforcing a safe and secure site.

Hands-On Experience

It does not matter how much written information you can recite on the nature of construction project manager – the true skills of a qualified manager come from time spent on the job site, observing the work and becoming involved in the process. Although you may not have the option to spend time on a work site on your own, a class with the Express Real Estate School can place you in the action and put your skills to the test.

Learn with the Brooklyn Real Estate School

Becoming a certified construction project manager is not a difficult process, and can have vast benefits for you in your current career. If you are ready to take this step, contact the Brooklyn Real Estate School today to start your new work in this fascinating field.