Online Appraisal Continuing Education

Online Appraisal Continuing Education

From the comfort of your home, complete your New York State Online Appraisal Continuing Education requirements with our flexible courses.


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The 7 hr USPAP course functions differently than the elective courses. We recommend that you review these course instructions prior to starting the course to understand how the course works and learn how to make the most of your time. Please Note: The USPAP course is only compatible with Internet Explorer versions 7 or above. When starting the course you will be prompted to allow the webpage access to your Clipboard. You must allow the course access in order to start the course.
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Continuing Education Requirements

As a prerequisite to renewal of license or re-certification, an appraiser must present evidence satisfactory to the Department of Licensing of having completed, during the immediately preceding term of certification or licensing, not less than 28 hours of continuing education. As of 2005 all appraisers must complete the 7-hour National USPAP update course to fulfill the USPAP continuing education requirement. The 15-hour National USPAP course will no longer satisfy the requirement.