Success Strategies for Real Estate that Aren’t In Your Textbook

The key to a successful real estate career is not “list to last”; it’s education. The Brooklyn Real Estate Institute (Brooklyn REI) offers you the opportunity to learn more and earn more no matter if you’re a novice in the real estate world or if you’re an experienced agent of 30 years. We have classes and programs for anyone who is into or wants to get into the New York real estate industry. Which category below do you fit into? Explore your options and see how we can help.

Curious Newcomers

If you are just beginning your journey to becoming a real estate agent or another related profession, Brooklyn REI is the perfect place for you. Many people believe that a successful agent is a flashy salesperson that knows how to pitch an offer. While sales skills may be helpful, they certainly aren’t the key to success. Actually, being a good researcher is more effective because you will be able to find the perfect home for your clients instead of pushing them into a lesser property. You will learn all about strategies like these in our licensing courses.

Through our 20-session program, you can earn your real estate license in as little as 10 days. We also provide courses to for you to become a licensed broker, appraiser, and mortgage loan officer. Many sessions can be taken in any order, making it easy for you to fit us into your schedule.

Brand New Agents

So you finished your classes and passed the licensing exam. Now what? One trick to a healthy business is talking to other agents whose careers you respect. This is why at Brooklyn REI we have real estate mentoring and coaching programs where you are paired with experienced, successful men and women in the industry. With a mentor, you will have the opportunity to work alongside an expert as he or she makes offers and closes deals. With a coach, you can choose a project, and he or she will help you develop a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals.

Continuing your education is also important to staying afloat in the real estate world. Learn about the details of the industry with our career courses. Professionals at Brooklyn REI teach sessions on related fields such as property management, Electronic Notary Record keeping, green buildings, and more. You can never know too much about your business.

Seasoned Veterans

If your experience has taught you anything, it’s that staying current on the industry tricks and trends is vital. You can’t let past success lull you into laziness or ignorance. Our career courses cover a variety of fields related to real estate, and they can give you a great advantage as an agent.
Even if you are well educated in every aspect of the business, you still need to renew your license every now and then. Renewal doesn’t have to be a hassle with Brooklyn REI. We hold at least 12 different day or night sessions every month so you can meet the requirements on whatever schedule works for you. Our students usually finish in the same week they started. Plus, you can choose the courses that are most applicable to your personal career.

At Brooklyn REI, you get more than just words in a textbook; our experienced instructors, mentors, and coaches give you the secrets you’ll need to succeed. You don’t want to be a second-rate real estate agent, so don’t choose a second-rate education. Start off the right way with the Brooklyn Real Estate Institute.