Who is Behind the Curtain? Become a Construction Project Manager in Brooklyn

Forward, always forward we look. Humankind is ever expanding outwards and upwards. We are often defined as a species by our impressive feats of engineering—the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the Roman aqueducts, the Parthenon, the Great Wall of China, and Stonehenge to name a few.

But it’s not just jaw-dropping world wonders, it’s the homes we live in, the office buildings we work in, and the stores we shop in. We are builders, molding and shifting our environment to suit our needs. And no single individual can do these things. It takes organization, leadership and know-how. It takes construction managers.

Yes, You!

At the Real Estate Institute of Brooklyn, we offer a Construction Project Management Certification Program that can help put you in the great tradition of construction managers.

There’s a lot more to construction management than telling rank-and-file workers where to put the nails. In the modern era, a good construction manager knows about construction insurance, proposal and bidding practices, permits and the bureaucratic side of construction, project budgeting and record keeping, scheduling, the nature of construction work, safety compliance, green technology, and much more.

It sounds like a lot, but it’s important and we know how to teach it. You can learn all of this at our conveniently located Real Estate School in Brooklyn. Our certification program consists of 22.5 hours of coursework to get you up to speed and get you started in a rewarding and important field.

How Classes Work

Our course does contain academic, theoretical knowledge of construction management, but that’s not all. Your learning process includes hand-on experience during an interactive field trip to a living, breathing construction site. Furthermore, you’ll hear about the industry straight from the mouths of those who live it everyday. We bring in a guest speaker every class period to discuss their specialization within the construction management field. These tend to be quite popular with students and have included such stimulating topics as ‘Women in Construction’ and ‘Doing Business in NYC.’

This certification is also highly beneficial for those whose work overlaps with construction projects, including bankers, lawyers, engineers, contractors, investors, brokers and real estate salespeople. Many of the students in this course are looking to expand their expertise in related industries, and this is the Brooklyn real estate school to help them do it.

It’s as Easy as Signing Up

Whether you are looking to expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge in a related industry, or you are interested in becoming a construction project manager because it seems like an interesting and beneficial career move, this course will give you the knowledge you need.

Perhaps it is time for you to join the pantheon of the great minds that operate behind the scenes minds and make possible our human need to build, grow, expand and manipulate our surroundings. It’s a calling, and it can be made possible for you right here in Brooklyn. What are you waiting for?